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主演:张艺雯 曹景阳 博·克利里 马闻道 





金狼的咆哮声戛然而止。www.ai520自拍照片“谁?!”诺亚因为高度的精神集中也没有察觉到有人来到现场,当下展开自己的感应能力。(未完待续) (十分感谢‘无风皓天’、‘love~天使之奏’、‘ 详情


The brains are quick-witted, the motion is agile, is good at starting brain first Jim to excel at the open country survival, clever and deft, intelligent competent, in with Harker wanders when the Mississippi river bank, he used several planks then to have a shack in the wooden raft top head, down to two treated in the shack, likely lived equally is at home comfortable. Moreover, Harker has the independent thinking ability, will use one's head, when Harker dressed up the girl to cross the river to go to secretly the nearby town the inquiry situation, after coming back, Harker 1510 all spoke him and middle-aged woman's dialog when listened to Jim, also like, he very quickly sees through runs away to the ship on “duke” and “king” is the swindler, when Harker narrated renowned Solomon placed on trial when the story, highly praised Solomon's intelligent wisdom, Jim actually pertinent has pointed out Solomon's indifference. Moreover, although in daily situation, Jim perhaps realization somewhat simple-hearted, but, whenever the crisis-charged, he always may the brains be quick-witted, the motion is agile, ability according to the circumstance may compare favorably with Harker. Because for example some people the monetary reward must come to seize him, the coordinate tacit understanding becomes a fugitive together with Harker. Meets when the farm Tom and Harker rescues him, he in the unclear cause's and effect's situation shouted 2 individual name, has only needed a Tom's meaningful glance, he immediately changes a statement, to pretend simply not to know them. The author so stressed that Jim's ability and the wisdom, not just have ability for the vivid showing black to create belong to own new life?




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